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Fiber Optic Audio Communication Equipment MODEL LP6100E
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4 to 16 Channels of unidirectional or bi-directional audio over fiber


Model LP6100E The 6100E Series provides simultaneous transmission of multiple channels of digitized audio over one or one pair of fiber. The standard 6100E system comes with 4-, 8-, and 16-channel versions and transmits these audio channels in one direction. Models up to 32-channels are also available as a custom version. Many versions of optical transmitter and receiver combinations are available to address different distance requirements. The 6100E features a digital fiber optic transmission technology, capable of providing crisp audio, little or no maintenance, high functional reliability, and low operating costs. The quality of BCI's audio transmission digital design is much superior to the analog transmission counterparts (based on amplitude or frequency modulation)available from other manufacturers. In addition, no user adjustments are required in the 6100E system, enabling quick setup and trouble-free operation. The 6100E is available with two packaging options: a rugged, standalone, and compact unit, or a plug-in card for a card cage system. Panel connectors are provided for audio (terminal block) and fiber connection (FC-type for singlemode fiber or ST-type for multimode fiber). They are also easily monitored by separate LED indicators for power, optical link, and channel activity. Due to its digital transmission design, the 6100E is capable of addressing a variety of non-standard configurations. Contact us to discuss your custom, OEM/private brand and high volume requirements.


  • Digital Encoded Fiber Optic Links
  • Accommodate 4, 8, 16, or 32 Audio Channels
  • Reliable Transmission Over Multimode or Singlemode Fiber
  • 1 Fiber Solution
  • CWDM Optics Available


  • Remote Studio Audio
  • Remote Mixer Output
  • Audio Retrieval and Distribution


  Channel Capacity 4, 8, or 16 (Standard)
32 (Custom)
  Operating Mode Balanced/Unbalanced
  Input/Output Impedance 600/600 Ohms (Balance)
  Max. Input/Output Level +dBm @ 600 Ohms
  Magnitude Freq. Response 20Hz to 20kHz @ -3dB
  SNR (Weighted) 80dB @ 1kHz, 0dBm Input Level (Balanced)
  Connector Terminal Block
  Fiber Type Multimode or Singlemode
  Number of Fibers 1
  Wavelength 1310 and/or 1550 nm
  Fiber Optic Connector ST (Multimode)
FC (Singlemode)
  Dimension (H x W x D)  
  Standalone 4-ch or 8-ch 1.72'' x 8.58'' x 12.0''
  Standalone 16-ch 1.72'' x 17.03'' x 12.0''
  Card-cage Plug-in Card 5.24” x 0.94” x 11.6”
  Power Level +12 VDC @ 1.6 A (4 or 8-ch)
  Operating Temperature 0 to +50°C
  Humidity 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
  Status Indicator Power, Optical Link, Audio Activity

Typical Power Budget and Transmission Distance

Power Budget (1)
Typical Distance KM (2)
Typical Distance Miles (2)
Multimode Fiber
Singlemode Fiber
(1) These are typical values for the 6100 Series. The actual values may vary.
(2) These are typical distance coverage figures. The maximum distance coverage may be greater than these typical numbers, depending on fiber type, fiber bandwidth, connector splicing losses, chromatic dispersion, environmental factors, etc.
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